George's research and projects examine the implications of historical and emerging technologies for human perception and the built environment. She has a multi-disciplinary approach to her work, using a mixture of 3D, hand sketches, animation and architecture to create vibrant environments.
George's passion for architecture stems from her ability to connect design with philosophy, economics, technology, planning and urbanism; combining these fields has led her to a specific interest in the spatial / social implications of the built environment.
Part of her research up to date is concerned with climatic and contextual constraints and opportunities for creating sustainable hollistic environments.



Part 1 | BA [Hons] Architecture and Planning @ University of the West of England

Part 2 | Diploma in Architecture @ London Metropolitan University



WON best final year portfolio/exhibition part 1
WON Bristol society of architects prize - for the best performance on the final year design project 2007



Wood City 2010

Unlimited Creativity 2010

Architecture of Necessities 2010


Work Experience:

Allies and Morrison Architects Sep 2007-present

Tom Russel Architects 2007